100 things that make me happy

Happiness means many things to different people. For some it is wealth, fame, victory… for others it is health, freedom or pleasure. I am the first to admit that, as cherished as ‘the feeling of being happy’ is it may also be the most elusive of feelings. I have always wondered what true happiness is/means and I am not sure I have a full grasp yet but I will (hopefully) get there. In an interview with JK Rowling, (the author of the Harry Potter books) Oprah Winfrey asks her, What her dream of happiness is? She responds by quoting Dumbledore, from the first HP book; “The happiest man alive is the one who looks into the mirror and sees himself exactly as he is.” I believe that and strive towards that daily.

This is why I found this exercise created by Julia Cameron and aptly reminded by Nana Ama Agyemang Asante very useful. It took me about 45 minutes to do it (recommended time was 30 mins) and I was thrilled with the ease with which I wrote this and the seemingly little things that bring me joy. (I am sure I could even write more)
This was actually an exercise in gratitude – I was reminded of the things I am blessed with.
 I will therefore try to spend most days (the difficult ones come where nothing works and you just don’t want to get out of bed) appreciating the LIFE I have been blessed with, LOVE, OPPORTUNITY to serve and the many things that bring me happiness.

Here goes my 100 things:

  1. Babies, toddlers, kids
  2. My god children
  3. Shopping
  4. Shopping in less crowded places (esp on Sunday)
  5. A good bargain
  6. Watching football or any sporting event with Dad
  7. Morning chats with my mum
  8. Early morning Musings by myself
  9. Beaches especially clean sandy ones
  10. A beautiful sunset
  11. Lemon and honey tea
  12. Banku and Okro soup/stew
  13. Coke Zero
  14. Tango drink (My guilty pleasure)
  15. Chocolate Flavour
  16. Poems
  17. Cuddles and Kisses ❤
  18. Smoothies (with mangoes)
  19. Clean shaven men
  20. Koobi (Salted Tilapia)
  21. Writing
  22. White Dresses
  23. Pantsuits
  24. Dresses with a touch of African print
  25. Flat comfortable shoes
  26. Smart and driven young women
  27. Young men too
  28. A healthy bank balance (on good days)
  29. Thoughtful gifts
  30. Playing Taboo with my sister and cousins (Mad fun)
  31. Doing anything with my sister
  32. Breakfast Dates
  33. Light lunches, snacks
  34. Traditional Ghanaian weddings
  35. Beautiful, simple and happy brides
  36. A good pedicure
  37. Red nails
  38. Short hair
  39. Perfumes
  40. Men with nice fingers
  41. Men who smell good
  42. A clean kitchen
  43. The Big Bang Theory and Dr Cooper
  44. CSI
  45. Humans of NY (The social media pages and book)
  46. Little Humans of New York
  47. Quotes by Nelson Mandela
  48. Quotes by Maya Angelou
  49. Quotes by CS Lewis
  50. Edge Church International
  51. Methodist hymns
  52. Ghanian gospel songs from the 90s
  53. Hillsong (hillsong -type) songs
  54. Michael J Jackson music
  55. Kwabena Kwabena’s songs
  56. Anything by Dasebre Dwamena
  57. Kojo Antwi’s Dadeanoma
  58. Long skirts
  59. Jewellery- Bead necklaces and silver/gold bracelets
  60. Men who wear Polo Shirts
  61. And Khaki pants/ trousers
  62. Going to the cinema
  63. Cooking
  64. Doing laundry by hand
  65. Teaching
  66. Science- Reading about it and actually doing it
  67. A man who sings
  68. Instagram
  69. Comfy sofas
  70. Jokes (especially inside jokes) and crazy laughter
  71. Quiet (Prayer) time by myself
  72. Taking a bra off at the end of the day
  73. Tummy and back rubs
  74. Baileys & Champagne
  75. The Colour Lilac
  76. Apple Pie and Custard
  77. Ghanaian snacks- ‘bofrot’, kelewele, ‘oblayo’, ‘atadwe milk’, ‘awiesuo’
  78. Walks by serene rivers
  79. University towns
  80. Sampling foods at restaurants
  81. Grilled mutton
  82. Talented designers
  83. Talented photographers
  84. Carpeted floors
  85. Spanish and Akuapem Languages
  86. Kumasi
  87. Adelaide
  88. Breezy days
  89. Praise and worship time at church
  90. Fall/ Autumn season, the different colours of the trees
  91. Conversations with older folk and little children
  92. Saturdays
  93. The Ghanaian sense of humor- Anything can be turned into a joke
  94. Liverpool FC (Blind allegiance)
  95. Well fitting Jeans
  96. Singing and dancing by myself when I am alone (lol- There is a good reason why it is done in private)
  97. Being able to help someone in need (in word or deed)
  98. Love, My LLP/KP, Team OA
  99. Friendship
  100. Family



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    October 13 2015

    1.one special thing that makes me happy is hanging out with pretty and intelligent girls
    3.Going to church nicely dressed

    October 13 2015

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  3. Maame Pomaah
    March 17 2016


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