A few years when I was broke and couldn’t afford a birthday gift for my sister, I took to writing to ‘settle my debts’. Going through the archives I came across this and couldn’t help but giggle a few times.

  1. You are one sexy lady– Need I say I envy your flat tummy?
  2.  You are so silly– calling me about Prophet One & the recent Tyra Banks show is not exactly smart, I must say.
  3. You are one hell of a smart girl– You come up with the most ‘interesting’ ways to hide stuff from Dad after our shopping sprees… Update: I have stopped hiding stuff. You are on your own! 
  4. You are very funny– You supposedly do not like African movies movies but you know all of Agya Koo’s lines.
  5. You steal my clothes and I never find out, but hey that is to my credit: you wear your COOL big sister’s clothes…lol Update: These days I am alerted before they appear on Facebook or Instagram. 😏
  6.  You make me proud all the time– I should say that more often, I agree.
  7.  You are proud of me!- I know you will never give up on me.
  8.  You always know what to say when I am mad at you.
  9.  I love watching football with you, and hey before I forget, we will come back!! Afterall we never walk alone! Update: Liverpool, It’s been 4 years! We are getting there, thanks to The Normal one, Yipee! Did you see us in the League Cup yesterday? lol
  10. Watching anything on TV with you is so much fun– even ‘Moments on the red carpet’ waiting all day for the Oscars.
  11. You laugh even if the joke is not funny– and never fail to rub it in that you only laughed- and it was not because the joke was funny.
  12.  I love your LOVE FOR GOD
  13. You respect my decisions and are always behind me 100%, you are my biggest fan!
  14. You respect my opinions, at least you pretend you are going to do what I suggest.
  15. Your confidence– When things are really bad you always have a good reason why we shoud still believe.
  16. You are as helpful as the most expensive ‘shrink’ but I never have to pay you. Update: Ermmmm I do pay is many other ways, smh.
  17. You have seen me at my worst and you still love me.
  18. You always get the joke: when I blink at you when Mum & Dad are going on and on about Big Brother Africa or Bachelor(ette).
  19. You spend ‘all’ your money getting cards to call me- at least thats what you claim.
  20. You have the best memory, reminding me about money I never remember promising to give…take this memory to O&G and you are a genius Update: You did use your good memory and made me proud.
  21. You trust me and make me feel like some wise big sister. (which I am 😂😂)
  22. How much you have taught me about myself and life in general- You always inspire me.
  23. I got stuck with you as a sister! 😝😜

2 years later, I updated

24. You are such an intelligent and committed professional. I have my personal MD and intend to make good use of all the ‘FREE’ services; but more importantly I am being spared the numerous calls & relentless queries from family members on their plenty health issuses. They prefer to speak to the doctor! whatever…lol lol Update: You never fail to reming me of the different types of Drs. Smh
25. I love the mature, confident & focussed woman you are growing (have grown) up into.

phylis (86 of 159)I have many a million other reasons why I love my sister but the fact that she is my best friend trumps them all!  ❤❤


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